Notable Citizens

Alistar Varn – A kind, handsome man and a brave warrior and the son of Maeger Varn who originally settled the Varnhold village. He currently serves as the Governor of Varnhold and de facto leader of the Varnling Host. He currently serves under the kingdom of Veritos.

Willas Gunderson – A young ranger who served with the Varnling Host in its settling of Varnhold. His irresponsible actions caused the waking of Vordakai, the ancient cyclops necromancer. He now works day and night trying to make it up to the citizens of Varnhold by patrolling the boarders day and night to keep the town safe.

Morven Naurdhor – An original founder of Veritos, Morven the elven wizard has since give up both his role as a member of the adventurering party and the royal council. Now he serves as the head professor of the kingdom and dispenses general advice on all topics to the ruling council.

Lily Teskertin – A young and beautiful woman who found her way into Astrium and worked as a local tavern server. Little about her past is known as she keeps it that way, but it is known to a few that she studied swordplay at the Aldori academy. Eventually she caught the eye of Roman Surtova and has recently been proposed to.

Akiros Jsmort – A former paladin who fell from his path when his heart was overwhelmed with vengeance for the murder of his fiance. After this incident he took refuge with the Stag Lord’s gang. When the Stag Lord was killed he swore fealty to the party who freed him from his foolish decision, intent on restoring his way in life. He was placed in the job of Marshall, watching the woods. While this was not the path he foresaw, he is willing to atone in any way his life presents.

Corax the Logger – A crass and crude twenty something logging captain. He has a particular dislike to the fey of the nearby woods as they sometimes keep him from doing his job (tearing down their homes). He believes the phrase the should be “Curses like a logger”, not a sailor. Best friends and drinking buddy with Kesten Garres.

Jhod Kavken – An older cleric of Erastil who found himself traveling south after a disgracing incident in his order. He had a vision concerning an ancient temple to Erastil in the forest that turned out to be true. He has found solace and a small bit of redemption serving as a religious leader for the kingdom.

Kesten Garres – A former soldier of Brevoy who gave up the career to become a mercenary captain. He took a job with a few of his men protecting Oleg’s Trading Post. After the threats against the fort were resolved, he started working for Veritos as the captain of the guard for the capital city of Astrium. His rough attitude finds him at odds with his rival Roman and great friends with Corax.

Loy Rezbin – An older, retired adventurer who settled down with his wife to form a small village that he named Tatzlford. Realizing he’d need more resources to keep his village safe than he had, he offered to swear fealty to the Kingdom of Veritos, adding his people to their population.

Oleg Leveton – A gruff, proud, do-it-yourself human. Seeking to avoid the structure and imposition of Brevoy’s laws he traveled south with his wife to the edge of civilization, setting up a trading post for the hunters and trappers. After four heroes ended the extorting bandits in the area and made it clear they would be settling the area, Oleg got on board using his small business skills to manage the kingdom’s finances.

Svetlana Leveton – A pretty human woman, younger than her husband. While she does not hold the same frontier attitude as her husband, she supports him because she loves him. She always has something kind to say and excellent homemade food to eat.

Arven Tannerson – Arven is a local fisherman who had a run in with Snapjaw the giant turtle. He is a bit of a hillbilly as well as father to Tig.

Tig Tannerson – Tig is a small boy who, while catching frogs, was captured by a local lizardfolk group. After being rescued by the Riders of Veritos, Morven realized the boys arcane potential and began teaching him. He is now Morven’s star pupil and has begun to flourish as a young summoner with his eidolin, Froggy.

Chief Sootscale – The leader of the kobold tribe that lives in Rivers Meet. As a kobold he does not share the same morality as the humanoids and is sometimes used to carry out some of the seedier actions of the kingdom.

Nikpak and Naxxel – A pair of curious and adventurerous kobolds who first made contact with the humans in the Stolen Lands. Both serve as unofficial ambassadors from the kobolds to the kingdom when Chief Sootscale is not available.

Jim Varkas – Previous a bandit who served under the Stag Lord, he was convinced to help the kingdom. While he once served the kingdom in an official capacity, he longed to leave those responsibilities behind him. Now he serves as an honorary Rider when he is called upon but spends most of his days camping and fishing.

Stas the Lumberjack – A local lumberjack who works under Corax at the mill. He claims to have lost his spear, stabbing a hodag. While his friends and coworkers ridiculed him for what they believed an obvious fish story, the Riders of Veritos proved the truth of his statements and made his tale a tavern favorite.

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Notable Citizens

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