Stolen Lands Days - 1-9

The Swordlord’s of Restov have apparently sent explorers down south to explore the Greenbelt. Not real sure how I feel about the idea of exploration down around these parts. Exploration leads to settling and settling leads to cities and government. That’s what I left Brevoy. To avoid all that. But, while I didn’t give them the benefit of the doubt at first, these explorers don’t seem all that bad. As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t mind a little bit of stable company. Some other men to talk to. Even if one is as high as my knee. HA!

All the same, the killed Happs and the bandit crew when the came to collect their extortion. Afterwords they headed into the forest to deal with the rest of the bandits and start their exploration. It only took ’em a day or two to off that bitch of a bandit woman. I hope the hells enjoy that ’er.

They told me about some awful beast of an animal. The size of a big dog, attacked ’em at night. Thankfully they woke up in time to deal with the damn thing. Never head of anything like it. Judging by the girls wounds, it had quite the bite.

Ran into Bokken too they did. Invited the group in for tea. Nice old man, but I can’t say I would have drank that tea though. Who knew what kind of ingredients were in that stuff.

Group made it back here today and it looks like they’ll be spending the night with us. Still don’t know how I feel about whats coming, but these guys don’t seem all that bad and they sure are damn good for business.

Back to choppin firewood.

- Oleg’s Journal
March 9

- – - – - – - – - – - – -

<u>Stats Recap</u>
609xp each for Exploration and Encounters
100xp each for Good Role Playing
Total: 709xp each

Total: 422gp each for gold found and loot sold at Oleg’s

Stolen Lands - Day 0

The city of Restov has made a move for the long uncivilized Stolen Lands. They have issued a charter of exploration to a small handful of brave adventurers. Word has it that the adventurers are to settle at Oleg’s Trading Post and then head out south to explore the territory know as the Greenbelt. Treacherous dangers await these travelers. Will it be bandits that spell their end? Perhaps native creatures and monsters will be their doom? Even the terrain itself could cut their journey short. Or, will these adventurers defy the odds and survive their exploration and create the beginnings of a new expansion.

- – - – - – - – - – -


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