Crest of Veritas

In Somnis Veritas


The motto of the crest reads: In Somnis Veritas, which translates to, “In dreams there is truth.” The motto is meant to signify the dream that sparked the founding of this kingdom, as well as caution the rulers of the fleeting nature of their dream, as dreams can blur or be forgotten over time.

The crest displays the figure of twin black lions representing the founders of Veritas as they battle both those who oppose them as well as themselves. Beneath the lions stands the valiant unicorn representative of the honor and nobility of the founders as well as emphasizing their ties to Erastil. The unicorn is also symbolic of the orders of paladins, a reference to the much beloved Duke, Siegfried Ishala. Three fleurs-de-lis are displayed near the edges of the crest, one for each of the remaining founders (Roman, Flora, and Morven) and signifies their virtue. Finally, the figures all stand around the symbol of the crown, showing the kingdom is protected by their virtues and sense of duty to their people.


Crest of Veritas

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