Flora Desmond


Flora Desmond is a beautiful young woman, and although she is as wise as the village elder, her trust in others leads people top believe she is naive. She was “born” in the Rostland and adopted by the Desmond family at a very young age when she was left on the steps of the church one fateful night. Flora’s appearance reminds those that look upon her of a bright summer’s day from their childhood, with her sun gold hair and her sky blue eyes. Her trust in the goodness of men has led her into trouble many times, but it is this endearing flaw that defines her to those who know her well.

Her time spent in the kingdom of Veritas has shaped Flora in ways that she would not have dreamed. Once a peaceful girl, unwilling to harm even a fly, has become a battle-hardened priestess. One who has seen the brink of death many times, but never fallen into the abyss. Three years has opened her eyes to the wonders and horrors of the world. From monstrous trolls and giants, to the experiences of day-to-day life in the city, but none so terrifying as those dangers she would face from herself. The night she and Lily inspected the cult, she was put under an enchantment by the stone, an enchantment that amplified her rage and drove her into a frenzy, and nearly claimed the life of Lily in the process. The thought of killing someone against her will is not what haunts her, it is the fact that she wanted to kill Lily, Hopalong, and Romen. She wanted to swing her father’s morningstar until the here little more than puddles on the floor. This hidden rage is has seemed to further darken her already clouded skies.

The newest encounter with the hill giant has further confused poor Flora. Until today, those that were larger than humans and elves were simply monsters to her, but the hill giant acted as if it were a human. When he sat their crying, she could do nothing else but try to fix the situation, the same response that she would have had for a crying child. Romen ended the situation before the problem could be solved, but he cannot be blamed for acting in defense her. It is regrettable that he possesses a lack of compassion towards giants, but as her opinions were similar until recently, he cannot be blamed. It is because of this experience that Flora has decided to consult Morven and others in an attempt to learn as much as possible about the creatures of the world. The thought of hearing about the fantastic creatures of the world reminded her of the Midsummer’s Festival when she was a girl. A traveling minstrel played his lyre for the crowd, singing of all those who inhabit the wide world. She sat and listened to him for hours, amazed by all the stories he knew and adventures he had collected. When he had finished playing, and all the other children had left, he gave her a little paper book of children’s songs. “These were the first songs I learned to play. If you practice them, one day you could be playing to an audience just like me,” he said with a toothy grin. She remembered that book and its smooth, worn pages. The book only held a few songs, but she had learned them by heart. Those bright memories seemed to make the sadness of the day relent, and she felt a little better. Since that day, Flora has tried to practice her songs, and write a few tunes, in the hopes that if she cannot save all whom she meets, perhaps the can live on in songs.

Flora Desmond

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