Andraos Hadar

Good looking man with dark curly shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and a gentle smile.


Andraos is of Taldoran decent, but was taken in by a desert warrior of Qadira when he was only six months old. Found in an abandoned basket between the borderlands of the two countries, Omar Hadar believed the boy was an orphan, the product of a skirmish or raid between the Taldorans and some raiders from Qadira. He could not bring himself to believe some Taldoran would have given up such a fine and healthy young boy on purpose.

After many failures in locating any of the boy’s family, Omar came to believe the boy was a divine gift from the Dawnflower Herself.

Omar was a fair man, a great warrior, and never once lied to Andraos about his past. The young boy grew to learn the ways of the scimitar, the horse, and the life of the desert. He spent a great deal of his youth living in the large city of Katheer, where Omar had many wealthy friends and contacts.

His adopted father was a sword for hire, a man of honor, and one who saw nothing but the grace of the Dawnflower in the boy’s movements whenever he wielded a scimitar.

At the age of twenty, Omar and Andraos both joined a mercenary group heading to do battle with fiends coming out of the World Wound. There, Omar would give his life dearly to save some fellow warriors, and Andraos would meet a battle hardened monk/magus by the name of Dorian Glynnett.

The two would fight together against the demons and devils on many occasions, and at last Dorian had seen enough bloodshed and death to last him a lifetime.

Andraos lingered, fighting the good fight, until he too felt a calling for another life. Curious about what had happened to his friend, the scimitar wielding warrior set out to track Dorian down.

His journey led him to Restov, where he was amazed by the skill of the local Sword lords, and he spent many days in Restov watching their duels. Such was not his way of fighting, but he believed it paid to be familiar with any style of fighting. You never knew when such knowledge might come in handy.

He was greatly surprised when Dorian came through Restov, his friend was very saddened about the loss of his lover, but Dorian has a son in tow.

Dorian told him about the newly formed Kingdom of Veritos, of their great battles with a vile undead lich, and the lovely and beautiful woman named Flora Desmond.

“If I was not so worn out and bitter from my life, and my heart still bleeding from my loss, I would feel both honored and grateful to win but a look from her illustrious eyes.”

Andraos was enchanted. He had seen many beautiful women in his life, but this Flora must be a rare desert flower indeed.

He decided to set out for Veritos to meet this Flora Desmond, to see if she was the woman Dorian described her to be, and to win her heart if she captivated him.

He did not care to becoming a sell-sword again, but such a rare flower might be worth selling his skills to the fledgling kingdom.

Andraos Hadar

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