Vordakai and The Fate of Varnhold

Dorian came down with a grave sickness but the Riders of Veritos still needed to find the Nomen Centaur and solve the mystery of Varnhold’s citizens. Wandering the eastern parts of the Varnling Host’s assigned territory the group eventually discovered a band of Nomen Centaur hunters. While initial contact was hostile, the Nomen were eventually persuaded to give the riders an audience with their war-priestess. But this was only possible after presenting Skybolt, a powerful longbow found in the possession of the spriggans in Varnhold.
Arriving under the stars the group spoke with Aceora Silverfire, leader of the Nomen people. She assured them that while the Nomen centaur had feuded and battled with the citizens of Varnhold, her tribe was not to blame for their disappearance. After one of our heros mentioned the name Vordakai, discovered the research of Maestro Pendrod, Aceora fell eerily silent. She warned the party of a great and ancient evil that the Nomen were tasked with keeping contained, the monster, Vordakai. She told the riders of an ancient burial ground that her people are forbidden to set foot on, Olah-lan-ka-kan-ket, the Valley of the Dead. If something so powerful and evil like the vanishing of Varnhold could happen, surely its origins rest beyond that valley.
Fearful that they were not ready with a sickened member, the team road back to Astrium to drop off their findings, guide the kingdom and restock on supplies. With Dorian out of commision, the group set off for further exploration with Jim Varkas, awaiting Dorian’s recovery. During this exploration it became apparent just how close their kingdom comes to that of southern Brevoy and its southern capital. Furthermore, several beautiful waterfalls and navigable waterways were discovered.

When Dorian returns to health, the riders have sworn to set out for the Valley of the Dead to uncover the mystery and save the citizens of Varnhold.

- Mavik Carn, Journalist
Daily Dragon



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