Building a Kingdom

On July 11, the Kingdom of Veritos was founded. A short while later the foundation of this kingdom was laid. On the location previously held by the Stag Lord, a bandit king, 4 adventurers and their companions laid roots forming the capital city, Astrium, City of the Stars. It has been six months since the kingdom was founded. Now in the heart of winter, the new countries leadership has quickly discovered founding a nation is no easy task. Some say they bit off more than they can chew with promoting their kingdom and keep their people happy with festivals. With some additional support from their backers and a few fortunate turns of fate, the kingdom still stands.

The country has expanded northward, claiming everything in its wake as farmlands to support its people. The capital city now holds 1,800 people with 500 more dotting the farms in small villages. Astrium stands with only a castle, some housing and a newly built smith. The people are looking for more work and hopefully at some point, some entertainment. However, most knew they signed up for a rough life style in a new nation are a relatively happy with their lot.

While the first six months may be the hardest this fledgling nation faces, the next six may be the most crucial to its success.

Council Round Table

Councilor Leveton: The people need more places to work and something to do. They grow restless. For the time being however, they continue on in peace.

High Priest Kavken: I have taken a few interested under my wing to hopefully teach them the holy ways and spread the word of the pantheon. As instructed, I keep an open mind to most religions but continue primarily with my teachings of Erastil. His tenants hold true and inspire the people here who know live on the outskirts of society in a building community.

Marshal Ismort: You have done well in exploring and clearing the lands of danger before settling your kingdom. There are few threats in the surrounding wilderness. A few wolves here or there, but nothing that cannot be dealt with.

Spymaster Varkas: Thankfully, a small kingdom means less crime. I haven’t seen any sleezy activity, but then again, we’re hardly big enough to have an underworld. Nothing to report. Can I quit yet?

Treasurer Leveton: I won’t lie to you guys, things are so good. The treasury is low and for awhile we were running in the red. We’ve got to start spending less. If we start spending a little less I think our farms can keep our people fed and we can be a little more self sustaining. The city hasn’t seen much new activity in awhile. We need to start investing in its production once we have the funds.

Captain of the Guard Garres: I have little in the way of guards but, we have little in the way of population. The streets are safe but we’ll need to make adjustments once we grow larger. I appreciate the building of the smith. It keeps my men properly equipped to deal with danger.



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