Stolen Lands - May 2 - 17

Wow. I’m uhhh..I dont even know what to say. I was making my monthly rounds when I was caught. They subjected me to some sort of magic but it wasn’t all that bad. I mean, they accidentally shot me with an arrow, but they took care of that and I was good as new. I told them some stuff about the boss but it sounds like they they’re gonna try and get me out of the bandit business. I’m no good at it anyway. I’ve been trapping animals for pelts and lying, and saying I stole them. They say that before they ran into me they took down an Owlbear. I wouldn’t have believed them but they took care of the Mites. All of them. Those crazies literally crawled down in the Old Sycamore and took em out. The bugs too. Those little bastards had been making life out here horrible and they’re gone. Hopefully forever. I dunno, Boss’ll prolly still crush their skulls and fill them full of arrows like a pin cushion. Maybe though, maybe they’ve got a shot at ’em.

- Jim



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