Stolen Lands - April 10 - May 1

The adventurers we conscripted to explore and map the southern boarder of brevory have made great progress. Within only a months time they have mapped almost half the area requested. Enclosed is the map made of their efforts, proof of their progress. By the time this letter reaches you my liege I have no doubt this band will be near completion of their task. While the path we gave them was known to be treacherous, they have faced dangers beyond our expectations and already fared well. A local bandit problem has been taken care of and the adventures send word that their relations with the Stolen Lands few inhabitents strengthen daily. One of the group has been gravely wounded but they insist they will persist on and it will not affect their campaign. Be in good spirits my lord, our plan moves forward with greater than expected haste.
Karigan Sweitzler
Sword Lord Initiate

P.S. The heroes also inform us that the Brevrory kingdom has sent a small band of mercenaries to protect the small trading post on the northern skirts of the Greenbelt. It is nothing of great importance but I thought it warrented noting.




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