Olah-Kakanket: Valley of the Dead

Be forewarned players. You are quickly approaching the apex of the third book, Varnhold Vanishing. The end of this adventure will test your abilities. I know that sometimes the encounters seem a little easy (sometimes even after I’ve added a little extra) because of the “once per day” nature of the game. I promise, this bit will offer some challenges unlike any other. Remember how dangerous the Stag Lord was and how close many came to death with the Owlbear. This will probably be worse. I make no guarantee that everyone makes it out alive. I will give you one tip before you venture forth and that is that your gear can be invaluable to you. That is why we are going to do an inventory of equipment (Morven’s orders) before you set out for the Valley of the Dead. If you have any questions, let me know. I look forward to setting things in motion tomorrow (Brian’s at 6) as I’ve recently put a lot of work into this section to try and draw everyone in after a lull in Kingmaker. Good luck!

P.S. Below is a new recap of the last game to remind everyone where what happened (and to tell Brian for the first time). Please read.



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