Journal of Alistar Varn

I am not entirely sure how to even start this entry. I find I’ve been asleep for 3 weeks. My soul encased in a magical jar by foul magics and my body being held only Erastil knows where. The entirety of our town I find killed, by atrocious abominations. Vordaki, an ancient cyclops wizard was awaken and began his diabolic plot, starting with Varnhold. Only 43 of our citizens remain. The Varnling Host has been reduced to two. Only myself and Willas remain. This means my father, Maeger Varn, is with the pantheon now. Varnhold and the Varnling Host falls to me now.

This travesty is not without silver lining though. It seems our saviors arrived with little time to spare. The heroes of the Kingdom of Veritos came to our aid, saving what was left of Varnhold. Amongst them, the most beautiful of angels, by the name of Flora. I have told the group that when Varnhold is settled and prepared, a banquet will be thrown in their honor. I hope that Flora will be in attendance.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Over the last 9 months Veritos has expanded mightily. I am not sure what their secret to rapid expansion is (I am sure adding Varnhold’s holdings were helpful) but it serves them well. Already their kingdom houses five cities, including their newest, Tendertide, a market place wonder. Its settling, I presume, was a large key to their economic success. Their holdings have nearly tripled since they discovered us. I imagine further expansion is in the works. It is only a matter of time before they, excuse me, we, are a force to be reckoned with within the River Kingdoms.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Finally, our town was fit for the ruling council’s arrival. All was set and I hoped to speak with Flora. And while this wish was granted, the night was all but ruined by the arrival of an unwanted guest. Baron Drelev, a ruling of some small holdings of Pitax arrived uninvited, claiming he didn’t need to provide such courtesy as the announcement of his arrival. His tone hostile, it was not long until his attitude lead to a stand off with the rulers of Veritos. He rode off into the night, presumably returning home to his holdings. I am weary that this little event will unfold into something more.

No matter. I got to see Flora this evening.



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